Let nature enchant your interior with our beautiful Icelandic Moss Painting, a unique work of art that is both aesthetic and functional. Made from real Icelandic moss, this painting brings the serene beauty of nature straight to your living space.


Natural Refinement:
The Icelandic moss used for this painting has been carefully selected and placed by hand to create a refined, natural look. The rich green tones of the moss bring a soothing and harmonious atmosphere to any room.

Air Purifying Effect:
In addition to its aesthetic value, the Icelandic moss in the painting acts as a natural air purifier. The moss absorbs harmful substances and provides a fresh and healthy living environment.

A striking advantage of this Icelandic Moss Painting is that it does not require water. The moss has been treated to maintain its freshness and vibrancy without any maintenance. This way you can enjoy the beauty of nature without having to worry about watering.

Adaptable to Your Space:
Available in different sizes, this painting adapts effortlessly to the specific needs of your space. Whether it’s a smaller wall that needs a touch of green or a large statement piece for a spacious hallway, we have the perfect size for you.

Steel Frame:
The Icelandic Moss Painting is framed by an elegant steel frame. This frame not only gives a modern look to the artwork, but also ensures that the moss is presented safely and sustainably.

Bring the soothing power of nature into your home with our Icelandic Moss Painting. A harmonious combination of art, functionality and natural beauty. Create an oasis of peace in your living space with this unique and maintenance-free work of art.

The Moss Paintings are made to order for you.

Dimensions N/A

Landscape, Portret, Round, Square

Size of Moss Painting (Width x Height)

100×100, 100×160, 100×180, 100×20, 100×200, 100×220, 100×30, 100×40, 100×60, 100×80, 120×120, 120×120, 120×20, 120×30, 120×40, 120×60, 120×80, 140×120, 140×40, 140×60, 140×80, 160×100, 160×20, 160×30, 160×40, 160×60, 160×80, 180×100, 180×80, 200×100, 200×80, 20×100, 20×120, 20×160, 20×80, 220×100, 220×80, 30×100, 30×120, 30×160, 30×80, 40×100, 40×120, 40×140, 40×160, 40×40, 40×60, 40×80, 50×50, 60×100, 60×120, 60×140, 60×160, 60×40, 60×60, 60×80, 70×70, 80×100, 80×120, 80×140, 80×160, 80×180, 80×20, 80×200, 80×220, 80×30, 80×40, 80×60, 80×80


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