Step into the timeless elegance of ancient Rome with our Steellish plant column – a tribute to the style and prosperity that the Romans appreciated centuries ago. These columns embody the perfect mix of the refined aura of the Roman Empire and a contemporary, cool minimalist design.

The Steellish column not only functions as an impressive plant stand, but also as a versatile side table and display of beautiful objects. The various heights of the columns make them ideal for combining and using as a set, creating a beautiful layered effect in any room.

The columns radiate not only durability, but also timeless elegance thanks to the highest precision and attention to detail during the production process, without compromise in quality. Made of sturdy steel and completely finished with a durable powder coating, these columns serve as stable and robust pedestals for even the heaviest decorative objects.

Manufactured in our own factory in Aalsmeer, so quality can be guaranteed. This means that we are the only provider that can offer a 3-year warranty.

Steellish offers columns for both indoors and outdoors. The outdoor columns are made of stainless steel and are ideal for various weather conditions. Currently only available in the light version.

The difference between the heavy and the light column lies in both the tube thickness and the load-bearing capacity of the column. The heavy column has a tube thickness of 3 cm and has a load capacity of 80kg to 100kg. The light column has a tube thickness of 2 cm and has a load capacity of approximately 50 kg.

The available types of columns with corresponding sizes:

Product type Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm)
Heavy 30 30 80
Heavy 30 30 100
Heavy 40 40 90
Heavy 40 40 120
Heavy 40 40 150
Heavy 50 50 100
Heavy 50 50 120
Heavy 50 50 150
Light 25 25 50
Light 25 25 75
Light 35 35 85
Light 35 35 110
Light 35 35 130
Light 45 45 95
Light 45 45 120
Light 45 45 150
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions N/A
Use for

Indoor, Outdoor




3 years


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