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About us

The designers behind the brand.

Who we are. Meet Mabel, Dionne and Onno! Steellish is a collective of young designers with a strong following. All products are from own design and developed and produced in the Netherlands. With unique creations we offer the opportunity to enrich the domestic identity in more then one original way.

Philosophy. Our way of thinking is based on the philosophy that home is your own unique and magical place. Regardless of whether it concerns one-room apartments or family houses. All of our products are designed based on that way of thinking and our color palette is a great example.

We strive to be timeless, and on the other hand to live close to the now. That is why we also strive for the maximum achievable when it comes to sustainability.

Color is one of the greatest mood makers in an interior. Warm colors will create an intimate feeling while cold and colorful tones will create a fresh and lively impression. We created a unique color palette, in which every color accent stands for its own unique vibe and can be perfectly combined for an harmonious combination of colors within the within the minimalistic ONI style.

Designers at Steellish

We stand for:


It sounds cliché, but there is only one planet. That is why we try to make a positive impact on the environment in every aspect.


Our products are designed by our way of thinking and are often inspired by day to day struggles that we turn into concepts.


we have the desire to have more and more designers and makers work together with STEELLISH and to make these people part of the success.

Our designers




The best feeling is to see someone enjoy something that you created from your vision and ideas. There is no better way to get gratitude.

Dionne Heesius – Product designer at STEELLISH

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